We're keeping our phone system till it dies!

What Then?

We Understand. There’s nothing like those rare work-horse technologies that just keep running with little fuss or funding. It’s tempting to hang on to an old phone system that’s
paid for and runs effortlessly. Until it doesn’t. 

The problem with obsolete technology is that you don’t know when it will fail.

Have you really considered what will happen when your old system suddenly fails, and parts and skilled service staff are nowhere to be found? Will you be forced into a snap decision on replacement options? How will you communicate with customers or keep employees aligned? What if your phone system failing is the difference between life and death for those who depend on you? How long will you be out of service, and at what cost?

Bottom Line: Communication is a mission critical function for nearly all businesses.

The risk of old technology suddenly failing is real. And complacency about customer engagement and employee collaboration can bring costly consequences.

Check out this interesting  Unify Mission Critical Infographic

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