Logical's Newsletter - Feb 18

CaaSper Multi Product Discount

As promised last month, CaaSper Multi Product Discounts are officially launched and we want to get you involved!

When you have more than one product form the CaaSper portfolio you will automatically qualify for additional discounts for as long as you have more than one product and the more products you add the more discount will show on your monthly bill.


Watch our short CaaSper Video which explains what CaaSper is and what products are currently available and don’t forget to keep checking back as we add more products in to the CaaSper portfolio.

Alternatively, call one of our solution experts today for a chat about how you can benefit from CaaSper Multi Product Discounts.

50th & 40th – Two decades of Birthdays in one month!!


As some of you may already know this month here at Logical we celebrated our Director Paul Sharman’s 50th Birthday! However, we have had another milestone birthday this month, our Project Manager Dave turned 40 earlier this month.  

Being the big 50 and 40 is a mile stone in life and for Paul, a celebration of not only life, but a successful business.

As a team, we celebrated Paul’s birthday with cake and, presented him with a balloon, champers, a card and pool table accessories. In addition, Paul also celebrated with a party which Elvis himself attended! Look at the images provided!  For Dave’s the team enjoyed Pizza as we presented him with Amazon gift cards in preparation for his home move later this month. Paul had a fantastic birthday which he spent with his family and Dave enjoyed 3 weekends away with family and friends in various cities.

We hope you join us in wishing Paul a Happy 50th Birthday and Dave a Happy 40th.

Delay in Avaya’s R11 release


Last month we announced that Avaya are due to release the 11.0 software update. This was originally predicted for next month however, because Avaya want to release the best version possible and provide fantastic features they have pushed the release date further back in the year to April/May.

As soon as we get firm dates we will communicate them to you and if you want a sneak preview of the changes and new features don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager.

For more information regarding the Avaya R11 release and the new features it offers please contact us now on: 03448112200 or email now!

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