Logical's Newsletter - Mar 18

The Brand New S9 & Mobiles





The S9 is now available to order with us today. The S9 is the newest in the Samsung line of smart phones. This smart phone is developed off the back of the Samsung S8 which means that, the S9 already has many of its existing features. The S9 release is however an upgrade from the S8 as it incorporates new features such as a better quality camera and high tech features which have never been seen before.

Call us today to speak with one of our solution experts, who can also provide you with excellent tariffs which can suit all your business needs. We have the ability to provide you with complete access to manage your own mobile phones and the tariffs. Contact us now: 03448112200

Logical HQ worked from home on Thursday this month



It would be confusing to you if we sold a solution and service in which we don’t use ourselves. Therefore, on Thursday when the Logical Staff woke up to a sheet of white we put the solution into practice. The Logical Team set up work with our laptops and mobiles and started the day as usual, just in a different place. 

Our fantastic support team set us up, in order to make sure that the business ran smoothly even if the weather was out to challenge us. That morning we were able to log onto our softphones and mobile apps which are direct extensions of our system and, offer the same functionality as our desk phones. We were able to carry on as normal and complete our everyday tasks and of course, speak with you our fantastic customers via phone or video conference. Although the weather was crazy the office luckily didn’t turn into turmoil because of anywhere working.

Giving the power to your staff so they can work from home. Not only this but it boosts morality and gives staff an incentive to work longer. This helps your staff and, helps your business stay open even through these types of challenges.

These are all plus features for your business. Be a part of this new way of working today.

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With Storm Emma making its way over from the east, how well did your business cope?



With the snow fall in the North of Britain, did your business stay open or were you sadly forced to temporarily close up the business for a day? Did you have to announce a snow day and hope that tomorrow the weather would be better?  Next time make sure you are prepared. Logical Telecom offers methods of communication that allows and plans for business continuity. This means that even if the snow does appear, your staff can still work, just from the comfort of their own home.

What we do!

We can provide you with phone twinning, diversions, mobile apps or forwards to another handset or device in order for you and your staff to take call from anywhere. This is the beginning of what an anywhere worker looks like. You can also provide your staff member with a business mobile at fantastic rates to make sure they are always contactable. 

This means that when this pesky snow re appears or any other circumstances which means you and your staff cannot work from the office, you have anywhere working already in place. 

Contact us today via email or phone to find out exactly how we can make sure your business keeps on running, even when your office is not.

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