Logical's Newsletter - Apr 18


This month, we would like to remind you of who Logical are and the products and services we provide.

Firstly a reminder of who we are, Logical have been running for the past 2 decades under the safe hands of our two directors, Phil Pinder and Paul Sharman. With a background in all telephony, the pair have been able to provide all the latest telephony technologies available. To date, they have created our own cloud based offerings called CaaSper and, made us our very own virtual network operator.

Since opening, we have been known for supporting large multi-site businesses as well as single site opportunities. We can cater for all your needs and, no matter at what point your business is at, we can find the suitable solution. If you’re moving from one place to another, growing or scaling down your business – we have the ability to provide a cost effective and realistic solution.

The future of Logical – watch this space for more exciting additions to the CaaSper portfolio.




In the next few weeks the formal launch of the eagerly awaited Avaya IP Office R11 will take place. This software release brings with it some fundamental changes in the Avaya architecture allowing speedier deployments and less on-site infrastructure. It also brings a step change in options to move from on premise telephony to cloud based solutions whilst protecting existing investment.

A new range of handsets will complement the popular 16xx series and 96xx IP phones and a brand-new desktop and mobile client to IP Office will provide a consistent look and feel across all devices which will also include integrated video conferencing and calendar mining.

Watch this space for R11 release dates as well as our Avaya roadshow.

To find out how to buy or upgrade today call us on: 03448112200.




Last Month, our External Account Manager Adam finally tied the knot with his long term girlfriend. The Ceremony and reception took place in Adam’s Hometown- Huddersfield. The wedding was woodland themed which was apparent with their beautiful log piece centrepieces with pink candles and flowers.

We would like to congratulate them and wish them a long and successful marriage.


Get ready for summer across Europe – take out a 24 month contract on 2GB of data and we will double it to 4GB for free. What makes this better is that the double data lasts for the duration of the contract allowing you to get the best out of your mobile data. Snap this deal up now and receive the benefits for the length of your contract. 

Take the contract out before the end of June and you also qualify for up to 3 months free line rental. T&C’s Apply.

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