Logical's Newsletter - Jun 18

Happy 18th Birthday!

In this month’s news, we celebrate Logical Telecom’s 18th Birthday! The last 18 years we have been providing you and others with Telephony solutions which have helped sustain and grow your business.

Paul and Phil would like to thank you for being a part of our journey even if it is only for a fraction of the 18 years.

As 18 is such a milestone we have decided to reflect on the past 18 years in business and, how telephony has changed and developed throughout the years. From heavy clunky handsets to sleek, light, easy to use ones and from the typical ‘brick’ phone to slim line futuristic mobile designs. PBX and PSTN to SIP and Hosted cloud telephony. The evolution is truly fascinating.  


Here are a few pictures of the phones we have on display in our reception area.

Cloud with Us!

Next month we will be holding our very own networking and information morning hosted in Firstnet’s data centre in Leeds. The morning will include presentations on Avaya’s release 11, Firstnet’s data centre services and how Logical work with them both to bring you great telephony and cloud functionalities.

The event will start at 9:30 and finish 12:30 – 13:00 on Thursday 12th July and will include both breakfast and lunch. We will run through the new Avaya release 11 and what it includes as well as where it is stored – The Cloud.

So come and touch and feel where the cloud actually is and network with us and other businesses.

Leased Lines or ADSL?

Dedicated Fibre Leased Lines tend to cost 10x that of your home broadband connection – often with slower headline speeds. So why should I pay more? What do I get for my investment?

  • Dedicated private circuit between your site & the internet
  • Uncontended – Meaning you never share your bandwidth with anyone
  • Unlimited – Totally unlimited usage
  • Low latency & Round trip delay – Perfect for services needing a stable service such as VoIP
  • High availability, backed by SLA*
  • Quick response & fix times in event of an outage, back by SLA*

*Unlike standard ADSL – Leased Lines come with a 6 or 8 hour fix SLA. SLA – Service Level Agreement. This is a set of metrics the carrier aims to deliver and should these not be met then financial credits are given back to the customer

Once your business has the power of a dedicated internet leased line – You can add many further savings into the mix by considering additional services like–

  • Take advantage of VoIP for cheaper rentals & free calls
  • Make use of Video & Audio Conferencing
  • Cloud based systems & data storage
  • Less wait time & faster more efficient working

Speak to Logical today – We’ll not just take a look into your broadband options but look at your business as a whole to see where some or all of the above savings can be added into your setup, to not only improve the services you offer your customers but also your bottom line.

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