Logical's Newsletter - Jul 18

A Morning in the Cloud

On Thursday the 12th of July Logical Telecom, Avaya and FirstNet Data Centres held their very first partnership networking event. The event was named, A morning in the cloud which was created to educate the attendees of what the cloud is and what it does. We were also able to educate attendee’s on how placing their Avaya system into the cloud for will create more collaborative working.   

The location of the networking event was at the data centre itself, as we wanted to show people what the cloud actually is. This is because for many, they don’t know where and what the cloud is and therefore we believe what better way to show them than hold an event there and give them a tour of the place. 

The morning was successful and helped people understand what the cloud actually is. It also helped demonstrate how Hosted Telephony can help grow your business potential and create a smarter way of working for you and your team. 

If you want to know about the cloud contact us today or alternatively attend our cloud event which will take place in Leeds Business Week in October!  

Cross Bows, Zip Wires and the Krypton Factor!

Last weekend Logical Telecom took on the mighty Krypton Factor Assault Course with added extras of Zip Wire and Cross Bow shooting. In an attempt to build us as a team, last weekend Logical invited us on a weekend away which entailed a day out at the Adrenaline Assault Course in Richmond with an evening meal and an overnight stay in Catterick.

The day began at 9:30 Saturday morning were our first activity was either the Zip line or the Cross Bow shooting. For each activity we were shown all the safety regulations and what to do. The instructions were clear and we were set to either aim for the target or begin the 50 feet climb up the tree. That day many fears were faced and accomplished. The day was thoroughly enjoyed even by the injured parties.

The assault course we did was the Krypton factor at Adrenaline North Yorkshire http://www.adrenalinnylimited.co.uk/krypton_factor.htm

Hosted Telephony

Here at Logical, we aren’t too sure that you are aware of all the reasons you should get rid of your out dated telephony and take on the Hosted Telephony solution. There is a better way of working and Hosted Telephony is just the beginning.

Hosted Telephony provides a better way of working for a number of reasons. To begin with, it saves you money! With inclusive call bundles available, you can save instantly. Secondly, you don’t have wires all over the place or a big box stuck to the wall that create unnecessary heat and takes up a lot of room. And finally, work from anywhere in the world, all you need is internet connection.

What Hosted Telephony also allows you to do is to scale up and down easily meaning you don’t pay for phones you don’t use. In addition, ISDN will no longer be supported after 2025 so why wait? Make the change now smoothly instead of disrupting your business when you ISDN fails.

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