SIP vs Hosted

What is the difference between SIP & Hosted? Check out our graphic which should help you better understand.


SIP vs Hosted Graphic



SIP trunks and Physical system – Internet based phone lines usually connected to a Physical on premise system via a secure internet connection. All devices (on site or remote extensions) require a secure connection back to the system in order to access system features and make calls. The number of SIP trunks dictates the number of concurrent calls.

  • Pre-programmed business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing to a number of backup destinations
  • Reliable – guaranteed SIP Trunk uptime backed by our SLA
  • Flexible – Add trunks as and when required


Hosted – A software based system hosted in an off site, secure and resilient cloud environment. Devices can connect via any suitable internet connection.

  • Secure – built in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing and multiple devices
  • Reliable – guaranteed uptime backed by our SLA
  • Scalable – simply add users as required
  • Future-proofed with continual service enhancements
  • No line limitation on the number of concurrent calls

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