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Make sure your business is protected.


Logical Telecom are communication specialists. We use our knowledge to proactively protect our customers from Toll Fraud and continuously monitor and advise on best practices to keep you, your business and your team safe.

What is Toll Fraud?

Toll Fraud involves accessing a company’s phone lines and running up huge bills that the innocent company is then left to cover. This scam happens by criminals hacking into the PBX system, often due to weak passcodes, and then using those lines to call premium rate numbers that they themselves have set up. 

This type of criminal activity is unfortunately on the increase as the nature of the crime is very hard to trace back and therefore convict. Innocent companies are left to foot the bill, often amounting to thousands of pounds.


Who are the victims?

Any company with telephone lines (analogue lines, ISDN channels or SIP Trunks) can become a victim to this fraud. The scammers often work out of hours so even companies that scan their traffic in office hours still remain vulnerable. It is believed that 11% of crimes go unreported as companies know arrests are very rare and victims are concerned that bad PR covering their own company’s security measures will seriously damage their reputation.


How can I Protect my Business?

The good news is some of the measures you can take are simple activities. Weak passcodes are the main access point for hackers, so make sure your team are educated in passcode etiquette.

Check your call activity regularly so you can spot criminal activity before the bills run into thousands of pounds.


How is Logical helping me to not become a victim of crime?

We have invested in advanced 24/7 monitoring tools with effective alerts and our team of experts are always available to advise you on how to keep your phone systems safe from Toll Fraud.

We continually look at new, innovative ways to protect you and ensure our customers do not become part of the increasing numbers of Toll Fraud victims.


Contact your Account Manager today to discuss how we can help protect your business from Toll Fraud or call us on: 03448112200

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