Logical's Newsletter - Aug 18

Hosted Corporate Branding Package!

In 2018, it is apparent that marketing and branding is critical in order to make sure your business stands out from your competitor, and that customers know and trust in the face of your company. The first people you market to are your staff, if your staff buy into your brand then so will your customers. Therefore, to help you do this we are offering a corporate branding package which will raise brand awareness to your staff and customers. This branding package will contain a personalised Logical on hold message of your choice and the customisation of your Yealink handset. Subject to compatibility.   

The customisation of your Yealink handset can include your logo and any marketing that you wish to remind your staff about. This can be designed by our in-house marketing team to your taste. This can be changed multiple times throughout the year, depending on the package you choose.

The Logical on Hold service allows you to add a on hold message or music. You can add any marketing information to this on hold service. You can drive people to report problems online/connect through live chat. You can also inform customers about promotions you are currently running.   http://logical.soh.co.uk/

This package will include either a quarterly or bi-annual change to your Yealink device and unlimited changes to your Logical on Hold.  Prices will vary depending on the package you take.

For more information contact us now by replying to this email or calling: 0808 144 39 39

New Products Alert!

This month Logical are excited to announce some new products to our already amazing portfolio. We are so excited, that we’ve already sent you an individual email about this but, just in case you didn’t get chance to read it we will remind you.

Below is our updated product portfolio, which as you can see has several new additions. These new additions compliment the telecom solutions we already offer and, by us adding these services we are helping you keep bills all in one place. Do you see a service which you are in need of? Contact us today on 0808 144 39 39 or email info@logicaltelecom.co.uk

Alternatively download the full leaflet below!

Mobile Market as it Stands

1,2,3 go. This month a buzz has been going around the office in regards to how Huawei have taken on the two large mobile companies – Apple & Samsung. For many years Apple’s iPhone devices have sat comfortably at the top of the best-selling device worldwide, whilst Huawei was unknown and Samsung were old. Samsung were known for the selling of TV’s not smart phones and therefore, when Samsung released the S7 with a Dual Pixel 12MP and 3000mAh battery they made their mark on the mobile market. Samsung released the S7 many years after the Apple iPhone dominated with its cutting-edge technology and easy to use interface which took Apple to the top spot on the mobile market.

However, over recent years Apple have struggled to advance their handset portfolio to the same extent they did with earlier devices, with some of their newer devices only adding a couple of new features in comparison to the previous years’ model. Whilst Apple’s innovation appears to have slowed down, their handset prices have kept creeping up to astronomical levels, with some devices firmly over the £1000 mark.

Whilst Apple are slowly losing market share in the mobile arena, Samsung are slowly but surely working their way up to the top with smarter technology and high spec features. This year the biggest surprise so far is the sudden rise of Huawei who seemingly came out of nowhere to take the western world by storm with their latest designs. To find out more about how Huawei have done this – contact your account manager who can inform you of the brilliant devices we offer, the best for you and the difference between these.


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