Logical's Newsletter - Nov 18

Christmas on Hold!

This Christmas make sure you’re reaching your entire customer base with that all-important Christmas message. By creating a Christmas message with Christmas music, you are easily providing information or supplying marketing messages to your entire customer base.  Whether it be letting your customers know your open hours or providing them with a Christmas marketing message, it’s helping take that little extra weight off the busy Christmas period. And, what’s better is that we are able to offer a special price for this one-off recording. Contact your account manager today to pick your perfect Christmas message.

Happy 1 year to Rakesh Makanji.

This month marked a whole year since our Internal Sales Rakesh joined the team at Logical. Rakesh Makanji joined Logical on the 13th November 2017 and teamed up with Darren Bean to work as internal and external account managers to some of you lovely customers. Over his year he has advanced in his knowledge of Hosted Telephony and the Avaya IP Office offering. He is excited for what lies ahead and can’t wait to meet and chat with more of you! We hope you join us in congratulating Rakesh on his one-year anniversary.


With BT’s plan to no longer support an PSTN and ISDN lines means that business all around the UK now have to make the decision of whether to take a Hosted Solutions or move to SIP trunking. This decision can be incredibly daunting for business who don’t actually understand the difference between Hosted and SIP. Therefore, we think it’s only fair to show you the difference between these two products. Once you have a better understanding, allow one of our solution experts to help you out. Avoid the rush and move to better telephony today.  Please see below for the differences between the two and, please have an in depth look at the infographic provided.

SiP trunks and Physical system – Internet based phone lines usually connected to a Physical on premise system via a secure internet connection. All devices (on site or remote extensions) require a secure connection back to the system in order to access system features and make calls. The number of SIP trunks dictates the number of concurrent calls.

Pre-programmed business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing to a number of backup destinations

Reliable – guaranteed SIP Trunk uptime backed by our SLA

Flexible – Add trunks as and when required


Hosted – A software based system hosted in an off site, secure and resilient cloud environment. Devices can connect via any suitable internet connection.


Secure – built in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing and multiple devices

Reliable – guaranteed uptime backed by our SLA

Scalable – simply add users as required

Future-proofed with continual service enhancements

No line limitation on the number of concurrent calls

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