Is telecommunication a good career path?

The Industry

In 2018 the UK’s telecommunication sectors revenue was valued at £33.8 bn but it has declined over recent years. In 2007 the telecoms industry was valued at £42.1 bn that’s a 20% drop in revenue over 11 years, the primary reason behind the decrease in profits is due to several factors, businesses are changing the way they pay, from the previous capital payment model to an the popularised pay monthly subscription-format that will span the contract period and helps soften the high expenditure bill over the contract. Paying monthly has helped providers stay in touch with their valuable customers and enables the ability to give a dedicated Account Manager to support and offer them services they require; another factor includes the preference towards mobile phones and VoIP over desk phone and on premise servers.

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The global industry of telecommunications has seen an annual growth as high as 18.54% from £67.4 bn in 2014 to £112.3 bn in 2017, and by 2022 it’s expected to reach £278.4bn which is over 100% growth in 5 years (since 2017).[1]


What kind of jobs are there?

Telecommunications have a wide range of careers available, this could include increasing company sales with new and existing customers as an Account Manager, getting out and about with technical issues and installations as an Engineer or getting creative as a Marketing Assistant targeting customers through campaigns plus many more careers to choose from. Within these jobs listed are more specialised areas like a Sales Manager, Customer Engagement Consultancy or an Internal Account Manager. In engineering there are other roles like Data Engineer, Field Engineer and Cable Technician. Within marketing there are multiple roles such as Social Media Strategist, Analytically Specialist or a Campaign Manager etc. Each role has different qualification requirements/advisories and earning potential. In the field of Telecoms there is a wide-range of careers that is suited for everyone. All you have to do, is take your time to figure out which path is right for you.


What are the earning potentials? 

Working in telecommunications can have high earning rewards, depending on what path you take. Careers in telecommunications can earn anywhere between £18,000 to £60,000+ a year. This industry has a truly high earning avenue and there is room for personal progression to increase your income and well being.

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What qualifications are required to join the telecommunications industry?

Depending on the company, most offer apprenticeships/training schemes for employees new to the industry. Having a Level 3 Diploma or higher educations in either Communications Cabling, ICT Systems or Principles of Telecommunication Systems is advisory and most companies will require it when advertising for engineering roles. Account Managers don’t often require qualifications as it’s more about customer relationships and knowledge relating to specific products in the portfolio, but this role might include monthly or quarterly targets. You will become more employable with a qualification and will help you explain certain products in more detail or how they work. Whichever career path you decided to follow, having a qualification behind you will help but it’s not required although some companies will offer it as part of their job progression.

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So, is this a good career path?

100% yes, there are ways to progress your skills, career, income and knowledge that doesn’t end in a job without any career development. This industry is always improving and expanding with more specialised areas every day.

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