Digital Growth Voucher Scheme

Logical is pleased to be associated with the latest round of EU and Government funding for local business across our region.

In a nutshell there is the potential to get some significant funding toward various technology related project for your business. Commencing in February 2017, the programme is due to last for over 2 years, ending in March 2019.

The key aims of the programme include:

  • To help local businesses improve performance by investing in the appropriate digital technologies that help them scale up.
  • To help firms improve their awareness about the range of digital solutions available to help them grow, so that they become smarter consumers of digital technologies.
  • Helping local businesses acquire knowledge about digital technologies that are appropriate to their needs, including faster digital connectivity, enhanced digital marketing, CRM for small firms and the benefits of networking and cloud based solutions for business resilience, security and flexibility.

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