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Headquartered in Munich, NFON AG is the only pan-European cloud PBX provider counting more the 15,000 companies across 13 European countries as customers. NFON, the cloud telephone systems, offers over 150 functions as well as a seamless integration of premium solutions. With our intuitive communications solutions, we enable European companies to improve their work a little, every single day.


NFON is the new freedom of business communication.


What Is Cloudya?




Computer telephony for simple management

With NFON computer Telephony
integration, you can manage calls
from your PC with ease.

> CTI for Windows 7,8 and 10.

> Answer and connect calls directly
from your PC, in the office, at home
or on the move.

> Simple integration with Outlook
and Salesforce, and other CRM tools.

>Dial from Outlook and Office
applications (Click to Dial).

> Automatic display of caller
contact information.

>TAPI interface for outgoing and
incoming calls.



Add a Contact centre to your business

Our professional cloud contact centre
offering aligns with the NFON Cloud
Telephone System and is set up
to meet your individual demands.

> Web-based, omni-channel
digital efficiency.

> ACD, IVR, CTI, dialler, recording
and reporting functions.

> Fast, seamless integration and
operation across voice, web-chat,
email, fax, SMS and more.

> Super-efficient digital workflows.

> Hassle-free maintenance and
system updates.

> Reliable, scalable and secure
cloud technology.



Feature-rich monitoring

Our call recording facility enables
easy performance monitoring and
compliance and equips your staff
with all the tools they need.

>Monitor call quality and staff
performance to maintain and
improve standards.

>Resolve ‘who said what’ disputes.

> Identify customer service
workflow issues.

>Regulatory compliance for
FCA regulation.

> Call recording storage for up to
10 years.

> Train staff on call handling
techniques and customer

compliant solution



Your office on your mobile

our Nvoice Mobile means you can be
reached at your office phone number,
or make a call from your office
number, on your smartphone.

> See the presence status of all your
users, anywhere in the world.

> Cost-free calls (within your data
allowance) Between all NFON hosted
telephony extensions.

> Coverage across WIFI, 4G, 3G
and 2G areas.

> Employees can use personal
mobiles to place a call through the
NFON Mobile app (displays
your company phone number and
charges the calls to your account).

> Call through.



Unified, powerful collaboration

The integration of NFON’s Cloud
Telephone System enables you to use
Skype for Business as your complete
communications platform. Now you
can combine the functionality
provided by an enterprise telephone
system with Skype for Business’s
core features, such as instant
messaging and video – simply.

> A better experience for
your employees.

>Easy deployment and management.

>The flexibility to meet your varied
and changing needs.

>Exceptional levels of resilience
and reliability.



Easy, comprehensive contact centre reporting

Nmoitoring Queues gives you
in-depth insights into the
performance of your service teams
and campaigns.

> Powerful, actionable insights
based in 180 contact centre KPIs.

> Customisable reporting wallboards
that speed up performance analysis.

> Report sharing on multiple screens.

> Scalability to support thousands of
live agents.

> Accessible, predictable
per-agent pricing.

> Trusted, secure reporting from our
Swiss technology partner, Loway.

> Train Staff on call handling
techniques and customer



Professional training for your users and/or trainers

>Handset training to get the most
out its functionality.

> Administrator training on how to
manage and maintain the system.

> End user portal training to optimise

> Application training including
mobile/ PC client, specialist
receptionist and any
CRM integration.



Cloudya delivers even more
freedom of communications
for your business.

> Cloudya makes things better with simple,
intuitive communications tools and a
single phone number and inbox to reach every

> Use any communication device.

> Communicate from anywhere in the world.

> Enterprise-grade, high- availability infrastructure.

> Highest data security standard.

> Plug and play deployment.

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