Marketing Tracking

The drive to ROI in every industry is tough, but nowhere harsher felt than in the marketing and media sectors.

The shift toward this desire has posed some technological challenges for many marketing and media companies as they have had to start to look beyond the larger carrier centric communication companies to offer them the capabilities required.

Tracking calls for specific clients / across specific campaigns
Unsurprisingly, giving clients an instantaneous picture of the number of calls that their content has generated, be it across digital or print media, has become synonymous with the ability to track calls. This data can then be used for a variety of purposes.

Local numbers mean more business
Independent research has shown an increase in calls by 50%-70% when local numbers are chosen in place of 08, 07 or 09 numbers. That’s because more and more consumers are making calls from their mobiles and there is huge confusion over how much it costs to call such numbers. Also, consumers would rather choose a local supplier with the knowledge that they will be easily reachable and can be called upon if required.

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